RDCEP Emulator Tool online

A new climate emulator has been published by a team at the University of Chicago and an accompanying interactive emulator tool made available. STATMOS members Michael Stein and Liz Moyer contributed to the emulator, which provides precise estimates of the … Continue reading

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New CMIP Analysis Platform through CISL and NCAR

The Computational and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL) and NCAR, with support from NSF, are making available a platform to support analysis of large-scale CMIP5 data. The new CMIP Analysis Platform encompasses the Geyser and Caldera analysis clusters, the GLADE disk … Continue reading

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A history of the world in 1,399,120,833 observations

This video shows the locations of the weather (surface pressure) observations being used to reconstruct global weather and climate. Observations coverage (1851-2008) in version 3.2.9 of the International Surface Pressure Databank (that used in the Twentieth Century Reanalysis version 2c).
Videos … Continue reading

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Fractional Cloud Coverage


From NASA Earth Observations, a video of the monthly fractional cloud coverage over the globe for a year. You can clearly see the annual seasonal shifts. From their website:
“Looking at Earth from outer space, clouds are easy to spot. Clouds … Continue reading

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NCAR Data Assimilation Summer School


Please take a look at this short article on the NCAR website about the upcoming STATMOS summer school!
Visit our main event posting for more information about the STATMOS Data Assimilation Summer School.

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Statistics of Environmental Change, Resources and Ecosystems Newsletter #1


Welcome to SECURE.
SECURE has been formed to engage with diverse research communities and UK stakeholders to assess and forecast environmental change and to provide statistically robust evidence on environmental change (and its uncertainties). The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) … Continue reading

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Understanding ENSO


In light of the unpredictable 2014 ENSO events here’s a video from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology discussing ENSO. And here’s an brief explanation from NOAA.
In the first half of 2014, it appeared likely that we would have a large … Continue reading

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Nordic Climate Research Movie


Nordic Climate Research Movie
Description of the Nordic Top-level Research Initative program on climate and some results are shown in this video. The SARMA network (that STATMOS has collaborated with) was part of this Top Research Initiative.

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Monitoring the breakup of Arctic sea ice

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The deltaC interactive curriculum project is now live!

For the past few months, we’ve been working on interactive curriculum modules on statistics and climate change targeted to high-school students in Advanced-Placement (AP) statistics courses. We are calling the project “deltaC”, and its online home is here
We are excited … Continue reading

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